We know coatings and paints, and we understand the people who buy them. Talk to us about your project goals, specifications and budget priorities. Count on us to help make sure you meet them.

Consulting Services

Since 1982, we’ve helped companies and consumers choose the right product for the job the first time.

As a value-added service to our clients, we start by evaluating the site and its environment. In some cases, this requires us to make an on-site visit. We then consider any regulatory compliance or FDA/USDA regulations. From here, we factor in budget considerations. We then make a product recommendation and provide any necessary instructions for applying the coating or paint.

Distributing Services

On April 1, 1982, Service Paint Center opened for business with a commitment to total service and quality. We named the store “Service Paint Center”’ because we envisioned a total service store…paint recommendations, estimating quantities, complying with budget figures, handling special colors…every service imaginable.

Unlike the “big box stores” where volume and size are no substitute for quality and experience, we strive to build relationships with our customers, not just sell them coatings. Our staff takes the success of the finished project very seriously. The quality and service on which we have built our reputation is never sacrificed to cut cost!

Sundry Items

Our complete line of sundry items can meet the needs of the homeowner or extreme industrial environments. A fully trained staff with over 60 years experience in commercial, residential and industrial coatings is available to assist in selecting the product best suited for the specific requirements of any project.

Please browse our site to see what we have to offer. We invite you to contact us with any special needs.