MoPoxY 69-AW-20 H20 101 Acrylic Epoxy


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MoPoxY™ H2O-101 offers a high gloss, fast drying coating that is low in odor. It can be used as a topcoat to upgrade previously coated surfaces (in sound condition) when a higher quality finish is desired. Excellent resistance to fumes, splash, and spillage of most chemicals, solvents, and organic acids. Excellent resistance to cleaning and sanitizing solutions. Water reducible for low odor and easy cleanup. Good ultraviolet resistance for exterior service. May be used interior or exterior.

A two component waterborne epoxy-acrylic enamel offering chemical and abrasion resistance properties similar to epoxy with the color and gloss retention of acrylic latex enamels.

For industrial, institutional and commercial use on properly prepared concrete, masonry, wood, drywall or metal. For use in schools, hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical plants, manufacturing plants, textile mills, pulp and paper mills and chemical plants. For the protection of walls, ceilings, equipment, machinery, storage tanks, structural steel and piping.

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